Bucks Barley Golden Ale 4.8% - 500ml

The Chiltern Brewery

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“A beautifully balanced golden ale, brewed with classic British hops and Buckinghamshire grown barley.”

The name says it all!

An IPA style beer that is gold, bright and floral. Its malt base makes the beer smooth and creamy and provides a delicate sweetness. This is balanced well with dried fruit and hops in the aroma.

It is refreshing, with a suitable depth on the palate.

This brew celebrates our longstanding relationship with the Waddesdon Estate LLP, a few miles north of us. We have worked closely with the Estate farming team, to grow Maris Otter, a variety that suits both the unique micro-climate around the Estate, and which offers that flavourful “Chiltern stamp” that each of our beers has.

Once harvested, the barley is sent to be malted specially for us at one of Britain’s rarest maltsters.

Part of our Small Batch Brew range, there is limited stock.

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