Chiltern Pale Ale - 8¾ Pints / 5L

The Chiltern Brewery

"Excellent quaffing ale - light and refreshing."

Designed as an aperitif or as a drink on its own. Relatively light in colour, with a creamy smoothness, it has a good definition on the palate and a refreshing, cleansing finish.

When this beer was launched in 1980 it was the first commercially brewed new beer in Buckinghamshire since the war. The beer takes its name from the brewery.

See what Giles du Boulay, CAMRA BLO (brewery liaison officer) had to say about this beer:

"I have had the pleasure of enjoying draught Chiltern Ale (now called more accurately Chiltern Pale Ale) for over 35 years, in fact almost from the time it was first brewed commercially.  I call this beautifully balanced ale an "unsung hero" as whilst its character is modest and its flavours are subtle on the palate, it is consistently satisfying in its refreshing finish at whatever time of year one drinks it. In short it is a proper beer."

Permanently Available

Our mini-casks are filled with fresh beer straight from our conditioning rooms at The Brewery. It’s the freshest way to enjoy our beers at home and very convenient if going to a party.  Unopened they have a long shelf-life of at least two weeks and once opened need to be consumed over 4 days.

They come ready to drink and don’t need settling.

Select from any of our permanent or seasonal draught ales on tap to enjoy this excellent way of serving and sharing real ale.


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