Barely There 330ml can

The Chiltern Brewery

A revolution in lower strength beer

We are very excited to have launched this beer!

A brand new beer, but one with a big difference (or two if you include the very low strength).

Barely There is a beer that is very closely related to our Barley Wine. In fact, they are siblings. But it's not that you would spot the family resemblance. Barely There is a beer brewed with the wort in our Mash Tun that isn't quite robust enough to make Bodger's Barley Wine.

Although we can't use this residual wort for Bodger's, it is still packed with flavour and goodness. So rather than letting it drain away, one Bodger's Barley Wine brew day we thought that we ought to brew a new beer with it instead.

Barely There is that beer.

Properly brewed, fully flavoured and full of everything you expect in a beer from us, except the alcohol, which is Barely There!

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