Please place your orders that you want delivered in time for the Jubilee Weekend by 5pm Sunday 29th May

Jubilee Ale - Polypin & Minipin

The Chiltern Brewery

A unique beer, brewed specially to celebrate Her Majesty’s 70 years as our Queen and head of the Commonwealth.

Brewed at 3.9% we have set out to bring the best that the Commonwealth produces together in this ultimately celebratory and suppable pint.

Jubilee Ale is a bright gold in the glass, followed by the aromas carrying the promise of exotic fruits - grapefruit and passionfruit from the southern hemisphere. 

Underlying these, carrying them subtly, without too much pomp and pageantry, is a blend of the highest quality malts grown on the Waddesdon Estate, balancing the heady, hoppy aromas with a gentle sweetness from the malts. 

With a glass of Jubilee Ale in your hand, you can celebrate Her Majesty’s 70 years of service as Queen, and take a tour of the Commonwealth, all without having to wave your passport…

Permanently Available

Cask-conditioned. Beer supplied with a small yeast sediment that takes 12 hours to settle prior to drinking.  Shelf life approx. 7 days from leaving the brewery

Ready-racked. Clear beer with the yeast sediment removed. No settling required. Shelf life 3 days from leaving the Brewery.  £4 per container charge.