Kingston Black Aperitif, 18%

The Chiltern Brewery

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“A gratifyingly versatile blend of apple juice and Somerset Cider Brandy”

Sitting at the base of Burrow Hill in Somerset are the 180 acres of cider apple orchards where the The Somerset Cider Brandy Company grow over forty varieties of vintage cider apples that are the foundation of their multi award-winning cider brandies, including the legendary ‘Kingston Black’.

The Somerset Cider Brandy Company’s Kingston Black Aperitif is a blend of their award-winning Cider Brandy with the juice of Kingston Black apples, one of the rarest vintage cider apples.

The result is a remarkable aperitif that is bursting with apple, honey and citrus notes.

Kingston Black Aperitif is a charming drink for toasting, socialising and treating yourself.

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