Lyme Bay Cream Liqueurs 17% - 500ml

The Chiltern Brewery

"Smooth, mellow and irresistible cream liqueurs from the Lyme Bay Winery"

Brandy Butterscotch

The yummy rich toffee flavour of butterscotch runs perfectly alongside the warmth of brandy and the smoothness of fresh cream, in this meltingly satisfying drink.

AWARD WINNER - Gold 2015/16 from The Food & Drink Devon Awards & Taste of the West Awards

Salted Caramel

This subtle yet decadent Salted Caramel liqueur is made in small batches using sea salt and the finest caramel to create a sweet and creamy taste. One of our best selling liqueurs!

Double Chocolate

A rich, rewarding chocolate perfect for any occasion! The dark chocolate is perfectly complemented by the warmth of brandy and the smoothness of cream.

Chocolate Orange

A delicious combination of two perfectly married flavours. Serve over ice, or for a really indulgent treat; splash over ice cream!

AWARD WINNER - Silver 2012 from The Taste of the West Awards 

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