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"Since 1989, The Somerset Cider Brandy Company have been reviving the ancient art of Cider Brandy production in the UK"

Sitting at the base of Burrow Hill in Somerset are the 180 acres of cider apple orchards where the The Somerset Cider Brandy Company grow over forty varieties of vintage cider apples that are the foundation of their multi award-winning cider brandies.

Once the apples have been harvested in the autumn, they are milled to become Burrow Hill Cider. Half of this cider is then distilled in traditional copper stills (including the seventy year old 'Josephine'!), before trickling into oak casks where they are aged to become the Somerset Cider Brandy we know and love.

We are delighted to offer four varieties of this cracking cider brandy, all of which serve as a true testament to The Somerset Cider Brandy Company's dedication to reviving cider brandy in the UK.

3 Year Old Cider Brandy - Fresh apple on the nose with that is followed by a floral and delicately spicy finish.

5 Year Old Cider Brandy - Richly fruity and floral aroma with a clean finish of honeysuckle and apple blossom

10 Year Old - Bold and deep with a complex yet rewarding flavour profile boasting a mix of walnut, coffee and rich fruits. The only spirit on the menu at Harry and Meghan's Royal Wedding!

XO - Small-batch cider brandy that has a fine, fruity nose before an impressive finish of vanilla and spicy oak.



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